Foreclosure Caselaw Update: N.Y. Court of Appeals Reverses Kessler Decision

Appeals Reverses Kessler Decision

Introduction On February 14, 2023, the New York Court of Appeals overturned the Appellate Division, Second Department’s decision in Bank of America v. Kessler, which had applied a very strict reading of §1304 of New York’s’ Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law or RPAPL. This section of the law contains the requirements for New York’s […]

Foreclosure: The Statute Of Limitations In New York

Although it has been seven plus years it seems like there is no end in sight for the foreclosure crisis affecting New York. One question that is now frequently being asked, is whether or not lenders have filed their foreclosure lawsuits in a timely manner. There is uncertainty to both homeowners and lenders as to […]

Can A Bankruptcy Filing Stop a Foreclosure Sale in New York?

In the United States, foreclosure laws may vary from state to state. In contrast, bankruptcy is federal law and in general treats foreclosure uniformly. In New York, bankruptcy may be able to help stop a foreclosure sale. Filing for Chapter 7 can potentially delay a foreclosure action for a number of months while a Chapter […]

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