Coronavirus (COVID-19) Financial News, Updates and Assistance

As a New York bankruptcy lawyer, David I Pankin, P.C. has been helping New Yorker’s facing financial difficulty for over 23 years. We helped New Yorkers get debt relief after 9/11, the Great Recession and Hurricane Sandy. The COVID-19 crisis is global in scope and it will have enormous economic effects which will be felt for years to come. Since New York is now the epicenter of the pandemic, the unemployment rate here has spiked. The monthly income for many households has been reduced or even eliminated altogether. If a debtor was struggling financially before the COVID-19 crisis, the current situation will undoubtably make things worse. In addition, with a forced shut down, small business owners are facing a grave financial crisis.

While there are measures being implemented by both New York and the federal government, one option to evaluate when seeking relief from economic hardship is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy provides a financial fresh start that can eliminate debt and wipe out dischargeable liabilities. It can also help with homeowners facing foreclosure and small businesses that need to reorganize their debts. If you would like to schedule a free consultation by telephone, Skype or Zoom, to see if bankruptcy makes sense for you, please call the Law Offices of David I Pankin, P.C. at 888-529-9600 or use our easy online contact form.

The Law Offices of David I Pankin, PC is closely monitoring the COVID-19 crisis and will post updates on this page on an ongoing basis.