Mortgage Forbearance Options

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many homeowners are potentially eligible for mortgage relief in the form of a forbearance which can delay payments up to 360 days! If you have been financially affected by Covid-19, you will need to determine what type of forbearance you may be entitled to, if any. Under both […]

Should You Let Your Insurance Company Monitor Your Driving?

Many large auto insurers offer programs that will monitor you’re driving and give you a discount for safe driving. Additionally, there is one new insurance start-up that will require it. Is this discount worth the trade off in privacy? What Is Involved? The driving monitoring programs may use two different means to track your driving […]

New Bankruptcy Means Test Figures In New York Effective 11/1/20

As a NYC bankruptcy lawyer, David I. Pankin updates readers regularly on changes in bankruptcy law. The Justice Department has released new figures to be used when determining when the New York bankruptcy means test applies for cases filed after November 1, 2020. In the Bankruptcy Code, the means test is used to determine eligibility […]

COVID Update 8/17/20

Federal Unemployment Benefit Has Expired as Negotiation On a New Relief Package Has Stalled The Federal $600 A Week unemployment benefit, created by the CARES Act, has been a lifeline for many Americans struggling financially due to the COVID-19 Crisis. That important benefit expired as of July 31, 2020 and both Democratic and Republican negotiators […]

6 Bankruptcy Myths

At the Law Offices of David Pankin P.C., we have helped well over 10,000 clients file for bankruptcy in New York. We have heard many different incorrect conceptions about bankruptcy from our clients over the years. Here are the six most common myths that we have encountered: 1. My credit will be permanently damaged – […]

Should I File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

Need a lawyer to file bankruptcy?

Are You Struggling Financially And Considering Bankruptcy? Many people who are struggling financially and overwhelmed by debt are often not sure where to turn for help. One option, which is often the best option, is bankruptcy. In contemplating whether to file for bankruptcy in New York, we strongly recommend consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. […]

COVID & PPP Program Updates

New Funding for PPP Loans On April 23, 2020, a $484 billion coronavirus relief bill was passed by Congress that provided $320 billion for a second round of funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)  created by the CARES Act. The PPP was designed to help small businesses get through the COVID crisis and cover […]

Help for Small Businesses Affected by The Coronavirus Crisis

Over 1 million small businesses across the U.S have been significantly negatively affected by the Coronavirus Crisis. This economic devastation is particular severe locally in the New York City area with its high number of diverse small business. From restaurants, to small shop owners, to startup businesses, the economic pain is being felt throughout the […]

Help For Individuals During The Coronavirus Crisis

As of April 16,2020, twenty- two million Americans are out of work and have applied for unemployment benefits. The Coronavirus crisis has hit many industries hard: restaurants, bars, airlines, hospitality, live music, sports, movie theaters. Stay at home orders and the closure of non-essential businesses have taken an enormous toll on our economy with the […]

New Changes to Credit Score Calculation

Welcome to David I. Pankin, P.C.’s consumer financial updates. David I. Pankin is a Long Island bankruptcy lawyer with offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Melville. We’re happy to bring you recent updates about new changes to credit score calculations. A New FICO Formula Consumers creditworthiness is summarized using credit scores. There are only a few […]

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